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Mold forms with the combination of a “food source”, moisture and/or lack of proper ventilation. If left untreated it can cause serious health problems and structural damage. Signature Restorations is an IICRC certified firm with professionals trained in applied microbial remediation. We use state of the art technology and meters to detect moisture in your home or business. We are able to assess the extent of the problem and address the cause of the moisture, preventing future issues including mold or mildew. When mold is present we are trained in safe removal, using modern equipment and ventilation practices. In addition we clean, sanitize and use professional deodorization techniques to eliminate odour. We work in collaboration with environmental hygienists to accurately diagnose the type of mold in order to ensure it is properly remediated and your property is restored to its original state. As skilled renovation professionals we re-build your property with quality materials and workmanship that we are sure will meet and exceed your expectations. Our impressive showroom has unlimited options to inform your rebuild and leave you with a space you will truly love.

24/7 emergency services available, please contact Signature Restorations today.

Mold Remediation Services

  • Initial Assessment
  • Detection and Identification
  • Drying – Remove source of moisture
  • Disinfection and Cleaning
  • Removal of contaminated Materials
  • Post Remediation Evaluation
  • Reconstruction

Signature Restorations offers a multitude of services that ensure that one company is held accountable for the cost, schedule and performance of your restorations.

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Signature Restorations

Signature Restorations

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